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Multi-media Imager® Class 1 laser product according to IEC 60825-1and 21 CFR; 1040.10 and 1040.11 Horizon XL combines diagnostic film, color paper and grayscale paper printing to provide the world s most versatile medical imager. Horizon XL features exclusive 36 and 51 dry long film ideal for long bone and scoliosis studies. A total CR/DR print solution, Horizon XL will reduce your costs, save you space,and completely eliminate your wet film processing needs. High speed image processing, networking and spooling are all standard. Specifications Print Technology: Dye-diffusion and direct thermal (dry, daylight safe operation)Spatial Resolution: 320 DPI (12.6 pixels/mm)Throughput: Up to 100 films per hour Time To Operate: 5 minutes (ready to print from off Grayscale Contrast Resolution: 12 bits (4096) 16.7 million colors 256 levels each of cyan, magenta, and Yellow Media Inputs: Three supply cassettes, 25-100 sheets each, one color ribbon Media Outputs: Three receive trays, 50-sheet capacity each Media Sizes: 8; x 10;, 14; x 17; (blue and clear) DirectVista® Film 14 x 36, 14 x 51; (blue only) DirectVista® Film A4, 14 x 17 DirectVista Grayscale Paper, A4 ChromaVista® Color Paper 3.10 with DirectVista Film Archival: 20 years with DirectVista Film, under ANSI extended-term storage conditions Supply Cassettes: All media is pre-packaged in factory sealed, disposable cassettes Interfaces: Standard: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45), Serial Diagnostic Port, Serial Console
Network Protocols: Standard: FTP, LPR Optional: DICOM (up to 24 simultaneous connections),Windows network Printing Image Formats: Standard: TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, PGM, PNG, PPM, XWD, JPEG, SGI (RGB),Sun Raster, Targa Optional: DICOM, PostScript;trade; compatibility Image Quality: Automatic calibration using built-in densitometer Image Control: Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, Medical Color Matching (MCM), Polarity,Rotation, Scaling, Antialiasing Sheet Control: Density Adjustment (Dmax), Look-Up Tables (LUT), Image Warnings,Captions, Sheet Coverage, Border Color, Border Fill, Crop Anchor Sheet Formatting: 1:1-1:81; Variable Multi-Formatting (VMF;trade;), Fixed Multi-Formatting (FMF;trade;)Control Panel: Large, backlit LCD display, Status lights include Online, Alert, Fault, Active Power and Menu navigation buttons Processor: Intel Memory: 512MB RAM Hard Disk: 40GB (18GB available for spooling )
Removable Disk: 100MB ZIP; Disk for software upgrades Smart Card: 32 KB for storing configuration data Power: Universal Input: 100-120/230V 126; 50/60 Hz, 600W printing, 150W idle Heat Emission: Maximum 600W, 2,050 BTUs /hr. printing, 150W, 512 BTUs /hr. idle Weight: 66 lbs. (30 kg.)Engine Dimensions: 14.5; (37 cm) H, 20.5; (52 cm) W, 24; (61 cm) LEnvironment: Operating Temperature: 15-30C Storage: -22.2 – 50.6C Operating Humidity: 10-70; R.H. (non-condensing)Regulatory: Full medical device compliance including Class 2 FDA and Class 1 MDD CE,GMP/QSR, ISO13485:2003, 60601-1 Safety, and EMC/EMI (55011(B; 60601-1-2)for Healthcare Facilities

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